Copyright © Legally-Blind, Morally Bankrupt, themelinda Psychopathy story.. All rights reserved.

Legally-Blind, Morally Bankrupt, themelinda Psychopathy story.

"themelinda" thinks she is sexy when she thinks she can manipulate you.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster in "viper" mode and on the attack, again.

This is the real me, Morgan Gell after my loving husband saved me from the clutches of the evil my "mother" has done and continues to do by attacking me and slander me, my husband, and others on the internet with no real and meaningful way to dispute her false and spurious allegations.

Legally Blind & Morally Bankrupt

​a true story about being partially raised, manipulated, and abused by parents with mental disorders. an Authorized biography of Morgan Gell by Jay Gell.

 This is the place to stay current on the true story of Morgan Pillsbury Gell, about being in part raised by and manipulated by a "mother" who is a Psychopath, Borderline Schizophrenic, Paranoid Delusional Sociopath, and Pathological Liar who hides behind the self-appointed title of "journalist" which she uses to force her demented perception of her reality upon the world in vicious and relentless cyber-attacks, bullying and campaigns of retaliation against anyone who calls her out or disagrees with her in any way whatsoever.

Pillsbury-Foster will threaten to sue over these post. She owns nothing here exclusively,  She has no proprietary "copyright" claims on any images of her publically posted/ shared "selfies", all documents posted here are a matter of public record in the Santa Barbra Courts, and/ or used to educate the public at large, to advise the public that anyone can be Pillsbury-Foster's next victim, and that other content Pillsbury-Foster has used without consent of others and in violation of, and with reckless disregard to the personal privacy rights of her victims under the guise of being a "Journalist", and her desire to use the law against others and not have it used against herself. This also applies to Gina De Miranda (GDM hereinafter) who breached her contract to write Morgan's book together ("as the amanuensis") by attempting to hijack the project and refusing to submit cover copy, include Morgan's actual position, including her (GDM's) variety of "creative writing" that was objected to by Morgan and for excessive delay of over 3 years on a very simple project, still no work in progress provided as of 07/10/2014. 

GODADDY is NOT LIABLE for any content herein or herein related too.

Jay and Morgan Gell exclusively own the ISBM for Legally-Blind and subsequently it promotional and reference databases like this one. Copyright © Legally-Blind, Morally Bankrupt, themelinda Psychopathy story.. All rights reserved

Jay E. Gell